Month: July 2012

Rainy Days

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The rain is softly falling as the morning unfolds in our busy household.  Sitting here in my office, I stare out the window at the drops falling off the trees, and drops coming to rest on green grass in puddles.  What a beautiful sight!  A lot of people don’t like rainy days, but I prefer to look at the rain as a new cleansing.  It’s like God is washing away the dirt and nastiness of the days, weeks, months, and years before this day and is giving you a fresh clean slate to start a new day.  The beautiful and amazing part of that is that you don’t have to wait for it to rain for God to wash away all of those days that have passed.  We all have the choice to start over anytime as followers of Him because He has saved us by grace.  Nothing we ever do will be deserving of His grace, but yet He gives it to us anyway.

Rainy days are a reminder to me of His glory, His love, and His gift to me of another day to start anew.  I must not waste the moments, but use them to honor Him and show others how much He really loves us and shows us daily.  We are just usually too busy and caught up in ourselves to notice, or we just like to be negative in general.  We can all change that – even on a rainy day.  Let God bless you and cleanse you today.  Accept His gift of another day and share it joyfully with someone else!  You will be glad you did 🙂