Month: March 2012


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Somewhere in the world, another child of God is giving in to greed, substance abuse, jealousy, rage, or some other life altering sin that leads them to commit crimes that land them in a prison. Each one of us started out as a baby, an innocent child with a clean slate. We were all children that had open minds and hearts being molded by what was around us and by the daily choices we made or that were made for us by our parents. What happened in their lives that led them down this path? I can’t believe that they woke up one day and decided to just be bad people, though I know that there are some that did just that for whatever reason.   Could someone have stepped in and steered them away from these choices?  Did someone share God with them and show them He is real by living by example?

If you ever visit one of our states’ prison websites and view the names and ages of some of the people incarcerated, it should break your heart. Yes, these people are in prison because they are receiving the punishment given to them for the crime committed. I do not argue whether they belong there or not. I peruse the names and think of all the families that are suffering for that one person’s mistake. I grieve for those families – the victim’s and the family of the one who committed the crime. None of them asked for this to happen in their lives, but yet they are all suffering. Name after name is listed. Some are so young and should be just now discovering who they are and what they want to do with their lives, but yet they are behind bars and many will never walk outside the walls of a prison again. Yes, it grieves me that sin took hold of these people. I cannot even begin to fathom being locked away myself or having one of my children locked away.
Though I know that each of these people had choices and knew there were consequences, I grieve for the loss of what could have been for them. IF ONLY they had listened to their Moms, IF ONLY they had turned their backs instead of pulling the trigger, IF ONLY they had chosen not to drink that night, IF ONLY…. IF ONLY….. Don’t we all live with the IF ONLYs? I praise God above that He is forgiving and that all of us – good or bad, criminal or not, have a chance to be broken and brought back to God where we all started out as babies. God help these people who are sitting in our prisons with lost souls. And God help those who can change their IF ONLYs now and avoid a life behind those walls.

I will do my part. I will pray for these people and for those who are making mistakes right now or are about to…. God help them hear You and run towards your voice – away from a destroyed life.


Have you ever loved and lost?

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Teardrops that will not go away and the sound of rain in the distance crying with you. The warmth of a blanket to replace the one you love who is not lying next to you. Your favorite pillow curled under you as if embracing your sorrow. Heavy swollen eyes that want to close in rest, but that is when the dark images come and the teardrops begin again. The world continues as your teardrops fall.  You cleanse your soul with your teardrops of love, and reach out from within praying God sees you through another night. “Believe in me…” you hear in your dreams. “Trust in me”, He whispers.  “I am here.” You fight through the darkness of your heart to listen, grasping at any promise that your hurt will be carried away.  There in the dark, there is only the beating of your heart, reminding you that life is still present within you.  You cry out in the night for all you’ve loved and lost.  You let your heart be torn into over and over… until the healing begins and peace slowly seeps through.  It is a journey taken over and over again by people across the world that no one ever intentionally bought a ticket for.  Let the teardrops fall, let them run down your face, let them puddle at your feet, let them lead you into His warm embrace.  Feel His promises and reach out from the gripping pain to take His healing hand.  Stay with Him until He brings you to the ones you love to rest forever with no more pain, no more tears…. only love.