Month: October 2011

Let the Walls Down

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The quiet of the night surrounds me as I sit alone contemplating all that God has done for me my entire life. There were times that even as a Christian, I was so buried in sin that I lost myself completely.  I am so relieved that I can admit that I am no saint, but a sinner who begged for God’s love and mercy many times in my life and was forgiven. God never lost me. He came looking for me… knocking on the door to my heart to let the wall back down. He took my guilt, my shame, my sin and threw it all away. I heard his voice in the wind, in the sound of children laughing, in my dreams, and in my heart. He brought me back to the foundations of faith that I had never forgotten, I was just choosing to ignore.

Ignorance is a game we play when we don’t want to hear righteous words that are speaking to us – telling us we are wrong. We pretend we don’t hear it, or worse, we pretend we don’t think we’re doing anything wrong. God doesn’t play games. His love is more real than any tangible thing on this earth. He wants each of us to know that when we sit all alone that we are really not alone. He is always surrounding us everywhere we go.

Why do we make life harder on ourselves? We are defiant, proud, selfish people. Yes – I said it! Even Christians can be this way because we struggle with sin on a huge level every day and we are lying if we say otherwise. One of the best ways to combat the sin and keep our hearts from becoming shrouded in these dastardly traits is to talk to Him constantly. What better way to have our ego busted on a daily basis than to be reminded that we did not give ourselves life! Our Father – our amazing, loving, forgiving, powerful God – breathed life into each of us even though we didn’t deserve it in any kind of way. We need that reminder to take ourselves out of the almighty powerful director’s seat we jumped into while ignoring God. We will never be able to direct or control anything in life. Only God has the power to change things – to change hearts.

Another powerful way to combat the daily struggle with sin while keeping our hearts open to what God is truly trying to tell us, is to read about Him. You know that Book that we lay on our bedside tables, in a drawer, or on a shelf and sometimes only pick up once a week? Yeah… that Book. The Holy Bible that tells us all that He did to bring us to this day. The Bible contains everything we need to know about dealing with the evils of this life. But not only that, it tells us how much we are loved. Has anyone else allowed their Child to be put to death to save your life?

When you look around one day to discover that friends weren’t really friends after all, that the one you loved and gave your all to betrayed you, or that death has taken away someone you love and don’t want to live without, God will still be standing there holding your broken heart like a precious jewel. He knows the real you. He knows the person you are when no one is looking. He knows who you are when even you are having trouble figuring it out. He sees behind the fake smile and into the heart of your soul. There is nowhere to hide from Him and the love He has for you. 

As for me, I pray that I can do exactly what He wants me to do in this life with humility, courage, and strength to fend off the resistance that we all as Christians encounter because the devil will not go down without a fight. 

Stay strong, my friends!