Month: August 2011

Be Courageous – Be the One

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As I sit here with the house finally quiet and my mind reflecting on many things, I am keenly aware of how quickly life seems to be moving these days.  I remember days of my childhood as though it was yesterday.  Catching lightning bugs on a warm humid night in Mississippi, playing in the water hose and climbing the trees lining our driveway on the hot days of summer, laying in the front yard under the night sky staring at the stars and imagining all that was waiting for me – are just a few of the memories that warm my heart.  I grew up thinking that I could do anything, reason with anyone to change, and that all people were basically good.   The days of my childhood were loaded with church every Sunday, caroling at Christmas with my brothers and sisters, road trips squished into a station wagon with Mom, Dad, six kids, and lots of laughter.  As children, we loved and trusted those around us, feeling safe when we went to bed at night. 

Our children deserve to feel important, loved, and courageous.  In watching the movie, “The Help” tonight, I was reminded of so many problems of the past that are still present in this world today plus new problems.  Our children need to be aware of all of the battles that have been fought in society prior to their birth into this world.  Children of today need to be taught to love others that may not be the same race.  We were all put on this earth by the Creator.  God created man – not just the white or black man – but all.    Our children do not need to be afraid to stand up for their beliefs against racism or bullying.  They need to know that God is ever present and to have courage.  Children, after all, have so much love to share.  We could learn so much from them.  Even Jesus tells us in Mark 10:15,  “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”  This passage clearly tells us how we are to open our hearts like little children do.  Imagine how much love we could have for each other if we could let our guards down, drop our worldly views formed over generations, and just be the people that God created to live together walking beside Him. 

The world has become a plethora of corruption in every sector of our societies.  But even amongst it all, God is right here reminding us to look at it all through His eyes, not through our own with our worldly goggles on.  All it takes is the courage of one to shine the light that God has placed in their heart to help make a change in that one person, that one group, that one child.  From there, the light can be passed from one to another until before you know it, someone’s life has been changed, a person has been encouraged, a soul has been saved. 

Don’t look back on your life and see the moments that you could have made a difference.  Look back on your life and learn from what you didn’t do and do those things now!   None of us know the day or the hour that Jesus will return, but we are to never stop spreading His word, His love, and teaching our children how to be like Him by living with courage to be different from the world and its political, socially acceptable, and twisted views.  After all, we all began as children who needed nurturing, love, and guidance.  Reach out and be the courageous one now and change the areas of your life that you have been living based on your worldly view.  Show your children what real courage from God looks like and be the example.  You never know whose life you may change today by showing them that a true Christian never stops trying to be better, live better, and everyday giving over their struggles as well as praise to God and God alone.