Month: July 2011

Let God Sit in the Director’s Chair

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Living the life God intended for you is so hard.   God doesn’t make it that way.   With our selfish feelings, thoughts, and actions, we get in the way of God’s plan for ourselves.  Just think how wonderful our lives would be if we quit trying to play God and let the Master fold out His plan.  But no – we are creatures who think we have to be in control.  We let our emotions play games with us until we begin to listen to our emotions and no longer listen to God.   But because we become so caught up in emotions, we can no longer recognize what God is trying to show us or teach us. 

In order to avoid this trap over and over again in our lives, we must learn to open our hearts to Him everyday.  When I start my day off by talking to God and being open to what He has to teach me, I find that my day runs smoother.  That doesn’t mean that because I prayed I had a perfect day.  No!  It means that because I prayed and asked for guidance from God at the start of my day, I was able to handle situations in my day in a better way.  There are some days that I don’t start my day off by talking to God, and I can tell it all day long.   God is much better in the Director’s chair than we are!

Another thing that we must do in order to avoid letting our own thoughts and emotions take over, is to listen and follow God’s instruction for our lives by reading God’s words.  He had people that were personally chosen by Him to write a Book that had everything we need to know in it, and it is called the Bible.  All we have to do is read it and live it!  There is nothing more satisfying than picking up that cherished Book and reading something that you may have read ten times before and have something new jump out at you that you never realized about it before.  God always has a lesson to teach, even if you already think you know it all.  I love when our kids happen to ask a question about something in the Bible, and I actually know the answer off the top of my head!  That makes me feel proud that I have invested my time wisely in reading my Bible and am rewarded by being able to show my kids that I study and read my Bible to learn more just like they do.  God will never stop teaching us or letting us know how powerful and loving He is to all of His children.   Our job is to be still, know that He is God (and not us) and follow His direction.  What amazing things we could accomplish in our lives if we only listened to Him!