Month: April 2011

He Wipes the Slate Clean

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Letting go of past mistakes is something that I always seem to struggle with in my life.  I look back over the years of my life and can’t even count how many times I messed up – I mean really messed up.  You run into people you used to know that maybe know about some of those times you messed up and you want to run in the other direction in shame.  Funny thing is, most of those people remember nothing about your old mistakes because they were busy making their own!  Sometimes my overthinking creates great anxiety within me, and the tears well up with shame and regret.  Thank God there are people in my life that remind me that all of us have regrets – big and small, but that our incredible Father has forgiven AND forgotten every single one.  My feeble mind has such a hard time grasping the fact that my Jesus doesn’t hold it against me.  He gives me a new start each time I make a mistake.  He wipes the slate clean, picks me up off my knees, dries my tears, and sends me back out to face the world with a renewed sense of determination to do better knowing that I am loved by One that is bigger than all of my mistakes. 

Isn’t it incredible that God is so good to us when we don’t deserve it at all?  We often hold ourselves prisoner to our past rather than letting go and allowing ourselves to be forgiven.  We keep punishing ourselves for whatever it was we are ashamed of, but meanwhile, we may be missing new opportunities to share His love with someone.   I am certain I have missed some myself all because I held myself back for whatever reason.  How silly is that?!?  My loving Father doesn’t even remember it and tells me to not look back because I can never change it – but to look forward.  So that is what I will strive to do.  He keeps me safe, wrapped in His arms, blessing my life and loving me.  He paid the ultimate price so that I would never have to live with my sins like chains, but be free of them. 

Therefore, I dedicate my life to living beyond my sins and regrets, but living with my past mistakes behind me.  ALL of us can do it!  He paid too high of a price for us to ever live being dragged down by things we cannot change.   Use the lessons you learn to better yourselves and your walk with Christ.  Be His ultimate tool to destroy satan’s hold on the world and teach everyone that they, too, are worthy of His love and forgiveness!