Month: October 2010

He’s Waiting For Me… And You

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There are some days that you are just never quite sure what you are feeling or whether you are saying the right thing to those around you.  Things just seem “off” somehow.  I sometimes have these days and I long to curl back under the covers and just let the day pass by so that the feeling will go away and somehow things will get better by themselves without any participation or action by me.  That would be so much simpler… but of course it would not be what was best for me.  Those are the moments and the days that I have to muddle through, concentrate on,  and pray heavily to work through whatever is going on in my life.  I always come out on the other side learning a huge lesson, feeling stronger, and closer to Jesus.  As I was listening to a new song by Michael W. Smith on his new album “Wonder”, the opening words of “Take Me Over” created such a peaceful image for me.   I wanted to share these words from that song:


“Just to rest in Your arms, close enough to hear your heart.

 Just to kneel at Your feet, where everything fades away

and I sing, Jesus, Jesus, take me over now. 

I surrender everything I have, I lay it down… all of me. 

With just a glimpse of your face, all my fears melt away. 

Lost within your embrace I’m pouring out all of my aggravation…”


Since I was a little girl, whenever I would feel so helpless, broken, or just sad, I would envision myself sitting in the lap of Jesus being held like a precious broken doll.  I would close my eyes and feel His arms around me.  I have found since I’ve gotten older that I don’t do this as often and I have to ask myself “why?”  These are the times as I get older that I need Him the most.  For these days I am the grownup – a Mom, Wife, housekeeper, nurse…. and I had let myself forget that I am still that little girl that Jesus wants to wrap His arms around and hold and never let go.  He loves me that much.  No matter how old I am, Jesus will always be there waiting to hear about my day, wipe the tears away, encourage me like no one else can.  I will never again let myself forget.   Jesus is waiting for you, too.  Why don’t you go visit with Him now and let Him hold you for awhile?  There’s no other that can bring you such peace and love.