Month: August 2010

The Beginning of a New Season

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As the summer comes to a close, students everywhere are scrambling to buy supplies, new books, new clothes, etc.  in order to start the year off prepared and looking their best.  There will only be a few weeks left at most of hearing kids splashing in pools, tubing on the rivers, or watching them bury each other on the sandy beaches.  While browsing in a local bookstore today, I was reminded of all of these things coming to an end for another season as I became aware of how unusually crowded the store was with teens and college kids.   Some kids were laughing and browsing, others were intently looking through the school book aisles at helpful study aids.  Some were sitting in corners quietly reading.  But for all of these students, their lives are about to embark on a whole new year of learning and growing. 

I think back to those days when school was about to start.  Finding out what the latest clothes trend was and making sure my Mom knew how “important” it was that I be dressed accordingly was always first on MY back to school list.  Somehow it never made it to the top of my Mom’s list though I can’t imagine why!  The next most “important” thing was to find out what teachers I had and what my schedule was – not so I could be sure and be prepared to be the top student, but so that I could compare with all my buddies and line up where we would all be sitting, of course.  The third most important thing was something I’m sure was really pertinent, though I can’t remember it anymore. 

In reflecting on all of these things, I realize now just how insignificant it all was.  If I had really paid attention to the things that mattered most in my life that were right in front of me, I might have more memories to reflect on that would have made me a much better person rather than only remembering bits and pieces of who wore what, who was most popular, or how important I felt as a cheerleader as opposed to the years that I wasn’t.  How ridiculous is that?!? 

Our children are such wonderful, unique human beings who possess the innocence that is so near and dear to God’s heart.   Looking at my own children, I am reminded of this everyday.  God gave me these precious gifts.  He entrusted them in my care to do right by them and raise them according to his Love and Word.  I never want them to feel as though they are not as important as another or inferior to another child.  God made us each the same and we are all equally loved by Him.  The more we encourage our children that not following the crowd is actually the BETTER thing to do, the more our children will learn that they each have something different to offer and one is not better than the other no matter who has the better clothes or hippest school supplies.   Even as adults, there are those who have never broken the pattern by learning this lesson and are thus unhappy people searching for love and security in things that do not matter.

As the new season of learning begins, whether your kids are in preschool, middle school, high school, college, or homeschooled, remember to uplift them and encourage them to remember how much they are loved by you, and most importantly, our Heavenly Father.   Remember that these young creatures will one day be the ones running our governments, preaching in our churches, and influencing others one day.  Don’t we want them to be stable, happy, loving human beings with solid Christian backgrounds ready to face the world and all of its evils? 

I pray that each of you who are sending that first child off to school, beginning a new homeschool year, sending that last child off to start his senior year, etc., take a moment and thank God for the gift that he entrusted with you.  May you all be blessed for nurturing, loving, and cherishing these precious little souls.  I pray that each student, young or old, remember their parents’ love, wisdom, and advice in all that they say and do as they begin a new chapter in their lives. 

Most of all, I pray that you hug your babies, share your love, and thank God for His grace and mercy that allowed you to grow past the insignificant things in your own childhood to find the true meaning of His Love.  For one day, you will be standing eye to eye with that precious soul you once held as a tiny baby in your arms, watching them fly away to their own independence as an adult themselves. 

Grace and peace to you!